Detailed Vehicle Information

  • Full Route

    Enabled with full route option, installing the JEEVAN GPS device will help educational institutions to get detailed information about the areas where the vehicle has travelled. Therefore, it becomes easy for transport managers to keep track of the vehicles at each point and every time

  • Stop Route

    Having Integrated with stop route feature the vehicle managers have the advantage such as access various stop point of the vehicle also the total time stopped in each location of the each point can be checked.

  • Fence Route

    Additional Feature such as fence- route enables the transport managers to know the deviation by drivers from that of scheduled route

Vehicle Information Report

This VIR reveals the following information to the head of the department.

  • High-speed alerts
  • Low-speed alerts
  • Distance traveled by the vehicle including the starting and end point
  • Details of starting and ending odometer
  • The total run time, idle time, and ignition time of the vehicle
  • Includes speed tracker for easy management
  • Accurate reports if the vehicle deviated from the scheduled route

Waypoint Time

Waypoint time installed in JEEVAN GPS enables the task of providing detailed information about where the vehicle actually moved. it displays the map and also the exact location of vehicle movement.