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What is GPS?

Global positioning system, preferably known as GPS is a satellite based navigation system providing accurate vehicle information, the route it has covered and the distance it has travelled. The first GPS device was launched in the year 1978 and over the years there have been several advancements to make navigation better and smarter. JEEVAN GPS is a GPS device with innovative features making vehicle tracking and route planning easy and simple.

Unique Advantages of JEEVAN GPS

  • The hardware in JEEVAN GPS is indigenously assembled with accessories of top quality hence JEEVAN GPS is superior to competitive products. The device comes with a warranty period of 1 year.
  • The GPS tracking system has been integrated with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to enable error free data and to accurately monitor the movement of vehicle.
  • Another unique advantage of this JEEVAN GPS device i comes with add on products such as fuel sensor, Seat occupancy sensor,Tyre Pressure Sensor, thus making it easy and simple to calculate the operation cost, as well as optimize it accurately.
  • Maintaining tire pressure is essential and important to obtain the maximum mileage from vehicles. Having the pressure sensor installed, will help transport managers to get alerts whenever there is variation in the tyre pressure.
  • Seat sensor enabled JEEVAN GPS is a unique add on feature. If the reserved seats are occupied by the particular persons. The seat sensor will capture the occupancy data.