The Government has stipulated strict safety measures for educational institution while commuting students.

JEEVAN GPS, a robust vehicle tracking system enables fleet operators to monitor the movement of their vehicle in real time.

Various data generated through JEEVAN GPS will enable the transport manager to operate the fleet efficiently and safely.

JEEVAN GPS for Educational Institutions

  • Track School & College Buses

    Any vehicle movement can be monitored real time anywhere at any time.

  • Route Optimization

    The advance fuel sensor system integrated with JEEVAN GPS will enable Fleet Operator to optimize cost per kilometer.

    Theft of fuel can be traced with the help of fuel sensor system

  • Route-Deviation Alert

    In case the driver skips a pickup point or takes a deviated route, the transport manager gets cautioned by an alert message

  • Over-speed Alert

    Speed limit of each vehicle can be predetermined by the fleet operator. In case of violation automatic alert is generated so that drivers can be cautioned accordingly