• Fuel Sensor

    An advance fuel sensor system is integrated with JEEVAN GPS .The fleet operators can optimize their operating cost on Per Kilometer basis with this support of advance fuel sensor system.

  • Tyre Pressure Sensor

    Optimal Tyre pressure is the essence of obtaining better mileage in vehicle.JEEVAN GPS is integrated with Tyre pressure Receiver, Type Pressure Display

  • RFID Reader

    Especially for Education Institution JEEVAN GPS Is integrated with RFID. The student’s Identity card have Embedded with Smart Chip, Which enables to transmit and stored datas. Every time the student boards the bus and de-board the bus, the RFID Sensor Inside the vehicle will trigger a message to the parents

  • Seat Occupancy Sensor

    If the reserved seats are occupied by the particular persons. The seat sensor will capture the occupancy data.